Informatics and Software Solutions

Powerful technology needs powerful software

Even the most innovative instruments would be rendered unproductive without intuitive software that allows you to easily run the right experiments and access the data you need. The software packages for our IMS products are designed to suit the varying needs of users, whether you’re routinely running DMPK analyses or designing a unique protein unfolding experiment.

UNIFI Scientific Information System

Our UNIFI software is a workflow-driven tool that empowers you to unlock the full potential of your IMS experiments. Crucially, UNIFI provides an all-one-solution for data acquisition, processing, visualization and reporting. It allows scientists to quickly set up experiments and process their data with minimal input. For this reason, it is used to perform IMS screening on the Vion and is also an effective visualization tool for IMS data collected with the SYNAPT XS. UNIFI’s configurable compliance tools also provide an essential data audit in a networked laboratory environment, enabling labs to dutifully comply with increasing regulatory demands.

UNIFI Application Programming Interface (API)

Waters knows that your understanding of your data may be enhanced by non-Waters applications. The UNIFI API enables third-party applications to create interfaces with Waters UNIFI so that the data can be processed and visualized outside of UNIFI. This could be converting data to a vendor neutral format such as .mzml, which can be read by other applications, or by directly interfacing the third-party application with UNIFI.

MassLynx Mass Spectrometry Software

The SYNAPT XS is powered by MassLynx software, providing enhanced customization options. Development of MassLynx was driven by the unique needs of our customers, and it provides the flexibility that’s required for performing IMS experiments in ‘omics’ applications. IMS data collected with the SYNAPT XS can be visualized using UNIFI or Driftscope.

For users of the Cyclic who are designing experiments at the forefront of IMS, we know the need for versatility and customization are paramount. That’s why the Cyclic runs on a tailored version of MassLynx complete with the Mobility Miner IMS visualization tool. This new-look MassLynx gives scientists full control over the set-up of the Cyclic IMS and IMSn experiments, and supports continual software development as new IMS needs arise. With Mobility Miner, Cyclic IMS data can easily be visualized and exported, helping users to understand and assess the data they collect.

Progenesis QI Software

Progenesis QI is a Quantification and Identification software solution offering robust and reliable comparative analysis. Whether users are comparing batches of raw material or product, investigating pathway or process mechanisms, or searching for biomarkers, the unique co-detection ensures no missing values and minimizes false discoveries.

Progenesis QI was one of the first tools on the market to utilize IMS data in its 4D peak picking algorithms, ensuring reliable quantification for IMS separated components and great data visualisation. The co-detection enables the inclusion of all features in the multivariate statistical analysis and confidently directs users to components of experimental importance with reliable statistical power. The IMS data is further utilized in the identification of components with workflows configured to compare measured or theoretical IMS databases, scoring and ranking all database hits and speeding up the process.

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