Calling all Great Minds to the on-demand IMS Summit!

The on-demand IMS Great Minds Summit 2020 is now live!

Get ready to settle into that home office chair and watch, at your leisure, compelling scientific talks from esteemed researchers and innovators in ion mobility technology.

Access exclusive presentations on a range of thought-provoking ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry (IMS-MS) applications, including the creation of bacterial “fight clubs” and the development of a new diagnostic method for Parkinson’s disease.

The concepts and research covered in these exciting talks given at the Great Minds Events will inform the development of the next wave of IMS-MS technology.

Scientists and academics share their thoughts on the IMS Great Minds Summit

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Interested in knowing more? Check out the article in The Analytical Scientist for more information on the IMS Great Minds Summits.