Cyclic IMS shortlisted for prestigious SelectScience Scientists’ Choice Awards

We are absolutely delighted that our customers have taken the time to nominate the SELECT SERIES Cyclic IMS for the SelectScience Scientists’ Choice Awards and that it has been shortlisted in the Best New Life Sciences Product of 2019 category. The prestigious awards celebrate technologies and manufacturers that are making a significant impact on the scientific community.

Interest in Cyclic IMS, which is the first commercial IMS/MS instrument to incorporate cyclic ion mobility technology, often stems from its unique capability to perform single pass and multi-pass ion mobility separations. In other words, the resolution that can be scaled to meet the analytical challenge! It is, however, the versatility of the technology that perhaps offers the most potential with its unique IMSn capability, enabling scientists to achieve groundbreaking research outcomes and accelerate scientific progress. 

It is very rewarding to learn that our revolutionary instrument has been recognized, by customers, for its transformative power in the analytical science industry.  The winner will be announced during the online SelectScience Virtual Summit on Cancer and Immunology Research 2020, May 11-13th.

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