We are pleased to congratulate Adam King (Waters Corporation), Prof. Robert Trengrove (Murdoch University, Australia) and Prof. Ian Wilson (Imperial College London) and their teams of researchers on winning first prize in the 2020 Metabolomics Publications Awards in the category of Original Article. The award celebrates the research article published in the journal Metabolomics with the highest total number of downloads during the previous year. 

Adam King, Senior Scientist, Scientific Operations, Waters

The winning research paper pioneered the use of Waters IMS technology in a rapid profiling method for polar metabolites in rat urine. The use of ion mobility resulted in an improvement in spectral quality by separating co-eluting metabolites. Compared to conventional methodologies, the developed technique provided a fourfold reduction in analysis time, a 75% reduction in solvent use, and an 18-fold reduction in sample consumption, whilst maintaining the ability to detect critical discriminating features between different sample groups. In short, this method shows great potential for large cohort clinical and biobanking metabolomic studies where high-throughput reproducible and reliable methodologies are required.

Learn more here: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11306-019-1474-9